Homewood Hotel, Bath intimate wedding: Mark & Lisa

Homewood Hotel and grounds

Mark and Lisa’s wedding at Homewood in Bath last month, was one I’ve been looking forward to for ages. Lisa and I used to work together in London many moons ago and is one of the group of friends I travel with every year. We started the tradition to ensure we met up together regularly when everyone started moving away from London and always love it when we manage to sneak in extra meetups for special occasions, like Lisa’s wedding.

The couple

Zoe, Lisa’s sister played Cupid and brought Mark and Lisa together for a blind date at her house about 13 years ago. Needless to say, they got on! When they met Lisa was still working in London but as their relationship developed, she moved to Bath and commuted to London for a while.

Last year, to celebrate Lisa’s 40th, they went to Barbados…I’m going to let Lisa tell you what happened next.

“It was the first night of our holiday on my birthday and Teddy (their son) was in bed, we were on our terrace listening to the house band play in the restaurant along from our room. We had a few cocktails and I was opening my birthday presents when I decided I wanted a chocolate so went to open the box. I noticed one looked a bit strange like it had been eaten. Mark was looking a bit sheepish so I thought he’d opened it and pinched one, but when I opened the wrapper it was a ring! He got down on one knee and popped the question and I remember the band playing Rihanna’s Diamonds at the same time which was a bit spooky!”

Some people think it’s hard to photograph a friend’s wedding and still enjoy it, but I disagree. I actually love it. I know their story and how they are as a couple but really, I have the best seat in the house, without actually sitting! It’s one of the reasons I love getting to know my couples before their wedding so I can look out for the unspoken connections between them and their loved ones and capture it to take them back to that moment when they receive their photos.

The ceremony

Mark and Lisa had an intimate and relaxed wedding at the beautiful Homewood Hotel in Bath. Lisa got ready at Homewood with her bridesmaids and kept things personal and simple and did her own hair and makeup with a little help from Sue. Preparing for your wedding is a time of anticipation and I love capturing these moments as they allow your complete story to be told from beginning to end.

The ceremony took place in restaurant room that overlooked the grounds at Homewood, and while waiting for Lisa, Mark was relaxed and so composed until the moment she walked into the room, when his emotions got the better of him. There were tears from both of them during the ceremony that quickly disappeared as they exchanged their vows. Their son, Teddy was cute and loved his role as ring bearer but loved the sound the ring box snapped shut even more and kept playing with it as they repeated their vows!

After the ceremony, we took a few family photos before walking around the grounds of Homewood for the couple portraits which is a great time for any newly married couple to have some time to let it all sink in, while their guests mingle before the wedding breakfast.

Lisa had made me promised that I’d drop tools in the evening which I did, but not until after they had cut the cake and had their first dance.

It was a truly perfect day and thankfully not the hottest day of the year, the weather was on our side. Mark and Lisa complement each other so well and I loved trying to capture the deep but quiet love Mark feels for Lisa.

Lisa and Mark, no one deserves this perfect day more than the two of you and I’m beyond delighted that I got to be there to witness the beginning of your next big adventure. Thank you so much for being incredible and I hope this new adventure gets better each and every day. Here’s to many more decades of love and happiness.

If you’re getting married and looking for a Homewood wedding photographer, get in touch.

A huge thanks must go out to all the wedding suppliers who help ensure Mark and Lisa’s day went off without a hitch:

Wedding venue: Homewood, Bath

Wedding dress: Catherine Deane

Groom’s suit: Hugo Boss

Florist: Stems Florist

Cake maker: The Cake Architect

Enjoy the photos!

Bride getting her hair done
Bride hanger with wedding dress
Catherine Deane wedding dress on hanger
Bride hugging her son
Nephew sitting with aunty
Wedding day signage
Ceremony room at Homewood Hotel, Bath
Bride with father berfore ceremony
Bridesmaids and flowergirl
Corsage on bridesmaid's wrist
Bride smiling holding her wedding bouquet
Close up of bride's bouquet
Groom getting emotional at the altar
"Groom wiping away tears as bride enters ceremony room
Bride kissing her father at the altar
Couple holding hands at the altar
Bride and groom at the altar
Bride getting emotional
Bridesmaid reading during ceremony
Page boy opening wedding ring box
Page boy putting wedding rings on cushion
Groom putting ring on bride's finger
Bride putting ring on groom's finger
Close up of groom's ring
Couple's first kiss
Page boy with arm around friend
Couple leaving the ceremony room
Children running in garden
Guests during the reception
Wedding guests talking
Bride with her mother
Bridesmaid playing with flowergirl
"Guest holding child
B&W of couple walking and laughing
Couple walking through hotel grounds
Bride and groom laughing together
Bride and groom hugging and laughing
Wedding bouquet on wall
Wedding breakfast table
Guests laughing
Bride looking at groom during his speech
Groom during his speech
Guests at wedding breakfast
Couple listening to father of the bride's speech
Tray of cocktails
Playing Jenga
Reaction to Jenga tower falling
Guests talking
Guests posing for the camera
Guests playing croquet
Couple cutting their wedding cake
Couple laughing during their first dance
Couple twirling during first dance
B&W photo of couple during their first dance
Coupe during first dance
B&W of couple during their first dance
Couple hugging during first dance