Skyler and Jack's Poets House wedding: a long-distance love story with an intimate wedding in Cambridgeshire

Skyler and Jack’s Poets House wedding was the perfect example of just how gorgeous an intimate wedding in Cambridgeshire can be. With 12 people in attendance, including the couple and me, it was a really lovely, close way to spend their wedding day: and an absolute honour to be included, too!

Skyler and Jack first met in Japan, when they were both put on a group tour during which they never left each other’s side! They met up again on a clear day in Kyoto and went to the bamboo forest, got honey ice cream, and got to know each other really well. I loved hearing about how they got together, because my partner and I had been to Japan the same year, so we spent a lot of time reminiscing about our travels there. However, soon after COVID struck, and their relationship became long distance out of necessity: Skyler is from Nevada, whereas Jack is from the UK.

Couple dancing near brick wall

A long-awaited intimate wedding in Cambridgeshire

This enforced distance made their intimate wedding in Ely even more special, when it was finally allowed to happen. First and foremost, they wanted everyone to feel comfortable to be themselves, because that’s how they’ve always been with each other. In fact, in their own words, their main priority was a wedding that was “as small and as informal as we could get away with!” Relaxed, fuss-free, and focused on love and each other: I knew they were my kind of couple.

Groom laughing during the wedding ceremony

Couple’s first kiss

For this reason, they got married at Ely Registration Office, before moving onto the reception at Poets House. I love a Poets House wedding (it’s one of my favourite local wedding venues, in fact) because it’s a perfect spot for a relaxed, yet still beautiful celebration. It’s also a stone’s throw from Ely Cathedral, so we made sure to take the group and portraits shots on the green outside there for a beautiful backdrop.

Thanks to this little old thing called a global pandemic, Skyler and Jack’s wedding was the first time their families had met each other, and the first time Jack had ever met Skyler’s family too. The immediate ease that both sides felt was palpable, and it was a joy to witness them getting to know each other better. It was also brilliant to listen to the stories of them when they were young…though Jack may look angelic now, he was rambunctious in his youth to say the least!

Couple walking with wedding guests

A relaxed, Poets House wedding reception

When I asked Skyler and Jack for their favourite parts of the day, this was Skyler’s. “There’s nothing that I will cherish more than sitting in Poets House, listening to our families exchange stories, and simply cuddling up to my husband. That was my favourite part among all the other chaotic noise, that brief sliver of heaven.”

And speaking of slivers…let’s talk about the cake. All of the suppliers for Skyler and Jack’s wedding were local to Ely, which meant a lot to the couple. Tom’s Cakes was the genius behind their cake, which was a white sponge with vanilla buttercream, fresh fruits and berries, and a raspberry compote. “It keeps me up at night knowing that I live just down the street from where we can get more…” Skyler said (and I can confirm: I was lucky enough to have a slice and it was divine.)

Couple cutting the wedding cake

Wedding couple feeding each other wedding cake

Couple after eating wedding cake

I asked if they had any advice for couples currently planning, and they said: “If you are able to, definitely splurge on a nice venue, great catering, a beautiful cake. But if you can’t, or find it’s not for you, then rest at ease that there are more wallet friendly alternatives. Also, remember to take care of yourself. It can be stressful, but take that time to breathe, to de-stress, and to remember that if something goes wrong, that other things will go perfectly.”

Love, love, love

All in all, Skyler and Jack’s intimate wedding in Ely was the perfect reminder of what a wedding day is all about. Their wedding was focused on love, connection and family, celebrating community and finding your person - and what can be better than that?

Mother of the bride looking at couple

Wedding guests speeches

Wedding couple laughing

Couple hugging

Wedding couple hugging and laughing of together

If you’re planning a Poets House wedding or an intimate wedding in Cambridgeshire and you’re looking for a photographer to capture it, then I’d love to chat to you. And don’t just take my word for it - take our Bride Of The Hour, Skyler’s, instead! If you’ll indulge me for a second, here are the very kind words she said about working with me: “It was wonderful, you are someone who we can never thank enough for the amazing photos you took. It was so easy to talk to you and have fun with you during our special day that we really could not have done it without you.”

Bride laughing

Groom smiling while holding bride’s face

Wedding couple walking outside Ely Cathedral

Wedding couple kissing outside Poets House

Shadow of wedding couple hugging

Couple kissing close up