3 tips to help you rock your engagement shoot

Most of us haven’t had a professional photo taken since school and unless this is just my teenage self coming back to haunt me, it wasn’t the most exciting or comfortable experience. It’s therefore only natural to be a tiny bit anxious as you edge to your wedding day, and hoping your photographer doesn’t insist on putting everyone in height order before taking the group shots.

This is why I believe every couple should have an engagement shoot. It gives you time with your photographer, who will guide you through how they will shoot on your wedding day, give you some tips and probably your first set of professional photos together. That aside, they are fun and help build up the excitement leading up to your wedding.

Bride leaning on groom’s back

Your engagement shoot isn’t something to fear, but I understand why it may feel that way. As someone who finds having their photo taken uncomfortable, being the focus of a camera is positively nerve-wracking!

I wanted to share a few tips to help you overcome those nerves and enjoy your time in front of the camera. Whatever happens, you’re going to look great and have a better idea of what to expect on your wedding day. So, my camera shy friends, this is for you!

Couple sat on bench looking at each other

Tip1 - How to look natural in your engagement photos: Focus on one another

There are no rules for what is right during your engagement shoot. It’s about celebrating your engagement so focus on each other and the connection you share. Be as affectionate as is comfortable for you. You may feel nervous at first, but the more time you spend in front of the camera, the more natural you will feel.

Tip 2 - How to look natural in your engagement photos: Allow me to see who you really are

There is nothing better than capturing the connections my clients have with each other. The things that make you, well you. The things that you say and do without words. Those are the moments I want to bottle up in a photograph for you. I’m very relaxed and run on sarcasm which usually makes it easy for people to open up quickly with me. Sometimes the best moments need encouraging so I’ll help get you into place then turn your focus on each other, allowing you to be present and truly see one another.

Couple laughing with groom looking down at bride while both sat on stairs

Tip 3 -How to look natural in your engagement photos: Have fun

Think of it like a date where you get to go somewhere beautiful and special to the two of you.* I want your experience in front of my camera to be as fun as my job behind it. If you relax and have fun, it will always show through in the pictures. You’ll soon forget about it being a photo shoot, and more just about friends hanging around with each other where one annoyingly never puts their camera down!

*Bonus tip: Go out for dinner afterwards, to make a date out of it.

I hope these tips were helpful. No matter what happens, have fun during your engagement session. If you’re enjoying yourself, looking natural will be the result. Allowing you to create some stunning photographs that you will want to put all over your wall.