Golden Palace Wedding: Fiona & Mark

Fiona and I have known each other for a few years as she used to run a wedding suppliers networking group I used to attend when I got back into photographing weddings. She met Mark through a friend’s husband and they hit it off right away and excitement in her voice every time she spoke about him was contagious. I shot their Green Park engagement session a few weeks before their wedding so head over there if you want to see some of those photos.

They were married at Palmers Green United Reformed Church with friends from Fiona’s gospel group providing music throughout the service. Having personal touches in a wedding make the day so much more memorable and unique to you and nothing beats having friends and family being integral to your day.

After the service, we headed to Broomfield Park and just as we were finishing, the heavens suddenly opened and we were all huddled under a canopy until it passed just as quickly as it began! Fiona and Mark’s Jamaican/Ghanian fusion brought together a mix of traditions including the Ghanian tradition of the wedding party dancing into the reception hall at the Golden Palace Venue followed by the bride and groom before the guest sat down for the wedding breakfast.

It was a a fantastic day, great celebration and the bringing together of two large families. Enjoy the photo highlights of their day.

Wedding dress hanging on mirror
Close up of wedding dress detail
Close up of engagement ring
Bride's accessories
Black and white of bride's shoes
Bride's make up being applied
Groom and groomsmen fixing each others ties
Groomsmen fixing groom's cufflinks
Groom and groomsmen shaking hands
Groom putting on jacket
Groom sat down
Groom walking down stairs
Groom with groomsmen on steps
Groom and groomsmen posing
Groom and wedding party posing
Bride checking her hair
Friend doing up bride's dress
Back of wedding dress
Bridal portrait with veil
Portrait of bride sat in wedding car
Bride walking to church
Groom stood at altar
Flower girl dropping petals down the aisle
Bride walking down the aisle
Bride and groom holding hands at the altar
Bride and groom holding hands at altar
Guests sat in church during ceremony
Groom saying his vows
Bride saying her vows
Couple singing in church
Groom lifting bride's veil at the altar
Couple's first kiss
Couple lighting candle in church
Bride and groom sat down during the sermon
Singer in church
Bride and groom walking down the aisle
Couple leaving church
Bride and groom laughing while sat in wedding car
Couple sipping champagne in back of wedding car
Bride with bridesmaids
Groom and best man posing
Groom and groomsmen posing
Guests running through rain
Bride and groom stood next to wedding car
Couple looking back at the camera
Bride and groom hugging with bride looking at the camera
Black and white photo of bride and groom having a quiet moment
Bride and groom kissing under veil
Reception hall setup
Wedding cake
Bride and groom dance into reception room
Bride dancing into reception room
Guests laughing during speeches
Guests reacting to speeches
Groom toasting the bride
Bridesmaid smiling during speeches
Bride and groom cutting wedding cake
Bride feeding the groom wedding cake
First dance
Bride and groom during first dance
Confetti during first dance over bride and groom
Bride tossing the bouquet
Bouquet caught by bridesmaid
Bridesmaid with bouquet raised above head
Bride and groom dancing
Guests and groom on the dancefloor
Bride and groom with reverend on dancefloor

Ceremony venue: Palmers Green United Reformed Church
Reception venue:Golden Palace Venue
Hair stylist: MO ISO
Florist: 2 Sweet Occasions