What you need to know about wedding albums

I love albums. They are books after all. Not only is looking through an album an experience of discovery, but I love how they can tell you a story. Like with books, albums allow you to transport yourself to another time.

Wedding albums

When you look at an album, you are submersed into the memories. It’s easy in this digital age to dismiss the value of printed photos, but I wanted to share three things you should know about wedding albums. Of course there are way more than three reasons, but these are key ones.

1. Your wedding photos are more accessible in a wedding album

Though we’re taking so many more photos than generations before us, we tend to print far fewer photos than they did. Think about all the photos on your computer and phone. How many times have you said you need to print them? I know I’d be extremely rich if I had a pound for each time I’ve said these words.

Earlier this year, I went to the baby shower of a former bride. Another guest wanted to see their wedding photos. My clients had chosen a wedding album which they kept on the bookshelf. Can you imagine how dragged out the experience would have been if there was a hunt for a USB, then another one for the cable to attach the computer to the TV? We would have given up. The album, however, was right there and accessible making it much easier and quicker to relive those memories.

Pages of wedding album

A wedding album makes your wedding photos more available and present in your everyday life. Your wedding photography is a big investment and an album helps ensure you get the most out of it by putting the photos where you can enjoy them.

2. A wedding album offers quality construction and design

Growing up, I had albums that either had slip sleeves or required photos were glued in. The glue for most has since dried, leaving the photos lay loose in between pages waiting to be fixed. A professional wedding album and those DIY albums couldn’t be further apart in terms of quality.  

Many album companies offer their services exclusively to professional photographers. I use Folio, a UK based company whose albums are made to the highest standard by hand. Whatever company your photographer uses, they will have spent time choosing a company that will provide you with an excellent quality album that will last far into the future.

Another huge difference between a wedding album and a DIY album is the design. A wedding album isn’t a bunch of photos randomly arranged in a book, it’s a beautifully designed record of the story of your wedding day. Your photographer will be able to create a custom album design that not only shows off the beautiful details of your day but also tells the story of your day.

3. A wedding album is the beginning of your family legacy

A wedding album not only makes your photos more accessible and help you connect with your spouse during rough times, but it also becomes a permanent treasure for future generations. There’s no better way to tell the story of your day and it lives on to tell that story to your children and grandchildren. 

Photo of open wedding album pages

I hope this helps you when deciding which photography package is right for you. If you have any additional questions about albums and products, please get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to guide you through the printing process.