Wedding Wednesday: Cake Trends for 2014

It may have become apparent to anyone who follows me on here on Facebook, that I have a healthy obsession of cake. Not just eating it, but also making it. There is nothing more satisfying than licking the bowl once your cake is happily baking in the oven.

Wedding blog, Bridal Musings, have been writing a series of blogs on wedding cake trends for 2014 by Jaclyn of the Ivory & Rose Cake Company.

So far they have covered metallic, naked and buttercream cakes. Not heard of naked cakes yet? Well below is an example of one from a wedding I shot last year.

Naked cake on table at wedding at Hedingham Castle

Essentially it is a cake without the best bit - the icing. However, they usually have lots of filling and fresh fruit so that’s some consolation.

What cake style are you going for? Leave a comment below and let’s get this cake love-in underway!


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