So you're engaged! Now what? 3 things to do first

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Congratulations on your engagement! While I’ve not tried it myself, I do know it is exciting and terrifying in equal measure, but in a good way. However, as well as the happiness and anticipation of what’s to come, many couples I speak to also tell me how overwhelmed they felt when they got engaged. With so many things to do before the wedding, the pressure to get started straight away was unexpected and scary.

But let me tell you a little secret. You have time. If you’ve just gotten engaged or looking forward to being engaged soon, here are really the only three things you need to do right away. Focus on these and I know you’ll feel so much more relaxed with your new status.

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1. Enjoy the moment

In this connected world we live in, it’s hard not to want to share this moment immediately with everyone. It is possible to get so caught up in the excitement of what is happening that you may not really fully take it in.

So, just pause. Stop mentally composing the Instagram post for your engagement, and just be present in the moment. Because that adrenaline-fueled, punch drunk on love feeling you get after your partner asks “Will you…?” and you say “Yes!”, is a moment you can never reproduce. So soak in that just got engaged feeling for as long as you can, just the two of you. Don’t feel you have to start calling people right away or making decisions - it can all wait. Instead, laugh together, cry together or both, drink some prosecco….it doesn’t matter!

This is a life-changing event that you’ll be talking about for months, so you’ll want to remember it forever. Pay attention to what you and your brand new fiancé are doing, saying. Take some pictures! Revel in the beauty of the moment. You’ll be glad you did.

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2. Tell your nearest and dearest

Before sharing pictures on social media and updating your Facebook and Instagram statuses, think about the people who should hear about your engagement personally rather than via their social media feeds.

It may just be your immediate families, favourite relatives or 20 of your closest friends, the decision is yours. You’ll both get to enjoy the warm wishes and congratulations they will shower you with much better than counting likes which will likely increase your excitement too.

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3. Don’t start planning

This isn’t so much a something to do, but more of not to do. The first thing people often assume once they find out you’re engaged is that your wedding planning will start almost immediately. However, it doesn’t have to so you should instead set some time aside to just enjoy being engaged. Planning your wedding and the decision making that will entail can wait a while.

You have a lifetime to look forward to with your spouse-to-be but you’ll only be engaged for a short period of time. Decide together how long you want to simply revel in being engaged before you dive into wedding planning.

I hope you found these tips helpful, I’ve written a post about what no one tells you about being engaged as well as a post on how to start your wedding planning if you’re further along in your engagement.