My top 5 spots for engagement photos in London

I’ve been told by couples that being photographed is one of the main things that stressed them before their wedding because they weren’t that keen on being photographed and also didn’t want their wedding day to be full of stiff andawkward looking posing. With so much else happening in the planning process, who needs that extra worry?I’m sure you don’t. However, as strange as it seems,this is why engagement shoots is the best thing to do with your photographer before you get to your big day.

I get it. You’re not used to having a camera pointed at you,following you around and capturing your every move. But who is? Well, apart from models and such like. It feels strange, alien and extremely daunting but it doesn’t have to be. An engagement shoot allows you to see how your photographer works. It also allows you to share any concerns you have with them. At the end of the day, they are there to capture you both on your wedding day and the more relaxed you are, the happier you all will be with the end results.

This post isn’t about how an engagement shoot works, but I will be writing one soon! What I wanted to do was share some of my favourite locations in London for engagement shoots if you’re stuck on ideas but also locations where the eyes of the world will not be on you as you work out how to relax and be comfortable.

If possible, try and pick a location that is meaningful or special to you both. This will help you relax straight away as you’re in comfortable surroundings. I ask every couple I work with to think of locations that have been important to them during their relationship. It could be where you like hanging out, where you went on your first date or where your proposal took place, for example. When the location is meaningful, you tend to focus on the moment and everything else just disappears.

If you don’t have a special place in mind, not to worry. London isn’t a city short on beautiful and unique options for your engagement shoot and there are more than you think that will make you forget you’re in one of the busiest cities in the world.

Here I’ve listed my top places that are perfect for you if you’re worried about posing for your engagement shoot in public and being stared at by passersbys.

1. Regent’s Park

One of the royal parks in central London but with so many places to be alone. It’s quieter than Hyde Park but still busy. Luckily there are gardens within the park and that can cacoon you away from the crowds giving you more time to relax into your engagement session.

Couple hugging under willow tree

Couple walking under willow tree

Couple hugging while kissing

Couple hugging surrounded by flowers

Couple hugging on bridge

Couple walking through garden in Regent’s Park

Couple looking at each other while sat on bench

Couple hugging while kissing

2. Richmond Park and surrounding areas

What I love about Richmond Park is how you can still be in London but in feel a million miles away from it. With its herds of deer, natural landscape and acres of tree covered path, it’s stunning all year around and never feels busy because of the vastness of the space so just perfect for focusing on each other.

Couple walking over bridge

Couple walking with linked arms

Couple hugging by wall

Couple stood in front of graffitied wall

Couple hugging under bridge

Couple hugging on step

Couple hugging in long grass

Couple hugging in long grass

3. Holland Park

Parks feature heavily on this list and with good reason as the canopy of trees and the space mean there is usually some distance between you and other park visitors. Holland Park isa lovely little oasis in West London and more enclosed than Hyde Park, so feels like you’re wandering through a private garden, so lots of privacy..and peacocks!

Couple sat on bench looking at each other

Couple kissing in archway

Couple next to peacock in full bloom

Peacock on roof above couple on bench

Couple walking across bridge in Japanese Garden

Couple with woman hugging man from behind

4. Greenwich

Greenwich always feels so far away, especially when you’re a SW London girl, but it’s has a small town feel and with great views across London from the park, it’s a prime location for your engagement session and has lots of lovely little nooks to get lost in.

Couple talking on landing

Couple walking down stairs

Couple posing next to the Cutty Sark

Bride and groom with heads together

Couple hugging by the Royal Naval College

Close up of couple hugging

5. Southbank

Stick with me a minute on this one as I know what you’re thinking. How the hell can the Southbank be included on a list of places perfect for getting you to relax on your engagement session? I promise it’ll make sense soon enough!

Southbank is one of the best places to have an engagement shoot as there is always something different going on, no matter what time of the year you visit. I’ve done a number of shoots here and I always find something new. Running from Westminster Bridge to Blackfriars Bridge, the river views, the beach, skatepark and the regular installations outside the Southbank Centre mean it’s very hard for engagement sessions to look the same. Another silver lining is that it also means less walking between locations for you, so what’s not to love?!

Though a popular location with locals and tourists alike, people being photographed isn’t a novelty so you can get lost in the crowd and not feel like you’re on a stage during your session, because everyone has seen it all before.

If you’re keen on the Southbank area as the location for your shoot but not on the number of people during the day then an early morning shoot is best as there are a lot less people around.

Some of my favourite places along the Southbank:

  • Southbank Skate Space - the Undercroft beneath Queen Elizabeth Hall. The graffiti is updated frequently
  • Anywhere along the river - when the tide goes out, we can also go down to the beach
  • Bright yellow staircase to Southbank Centre Garden
  • Pop up installations outside the Southbank Centre and along the river
  • Outside the National Theatre
  • Southbank Centre Book Market
  • The Golden Carousel
  • The London Eye

Couple laughing while sat in a tuk tuk

Couple with arms around each other in greenhouse

Couple hugging on the Millennium Bridge

Couple stood in fountain

Couple looking out while on yellow staircase

Reflection of couple kissing in a puddle

Couple with arms around each other on the Millennium Bridge

Couple kissing on yellow staircase

Bride and groom with heads together

Couple laughing on carousel

Couple pulling faces at the camera

I hope this list helps you as you start planning your engagement shoot. Pop back soon as I’ll be adding to this list.

If you need any more engagement or photography help, I’m only an email away so get in touch!