Lockdown photo fun: Part two

Taking time to photograph every day has been fun and I’ve been enjoying the process as well as most if not all of the end result. Here are a few things I’ve been up to on the photography front around the house.


My macro lens gets used a lot at weddings to capture details and the occasional portrait, so decided to bring it out and get up close and personal with items around the house and in the garden.

I started in the garden…

Stamen of red flower
Dandelion head
Macro of daisy flower stamen

Then took the show on the road to the kitchen…

Close up shot of broccoli

Believe it or not this is broccoli. There is so much detail in broccoli and it was one of my favourite things to photograph as it looks like thousands of flower buds waiting to bloom.

Macro shot of sprout on an avocado

I was surprised to see a sprout on the skin of the avocado but who knows what else we’re missing out on using just the naked eye?

Macro shot of fork tines

Fork I shared this with friends on my facebook page and it has been playing with people’s minds - what do you see?!

Our Great Indoors

Inspired by Erin Sullivan, a travel photographer, and her Our Great Indoors series, I decided to send my elephants on a safari. Erin has been recreating the outdoors in her home during the lockdown. Her photos are so creative. It’s amazing what she can turn objects around the house into to recreate landscapes. You can check out some of her photos on her instagram page.

Elephants on safari at sunset

Still life

Who remembers still life in art class at school? I never did warm to it and could never get my fruit to look like the real thing! Fast forward a lot of years, I’m trying to create the photography version of still life.

Bowl of red gala apples

Dandelions though weeds are so delicate and to me, beautiful to photograph. I wanted to shoot a single one without any distractions to highlight its delicateness.

Solitary dandelion

Going to keep working on my still life photography. I definitely prefer a dark background but want to see how much of a difference a lighter background on the atmosphere of the photos.

I’ve not decided yet what to try next but may try and refine some of the techniques I’ve shared in this and last week’s post. One thing I’ve enjoyed is finding the time to experiment and add play back into my photography and keep connected to being creative with my work. Look out for more of my play at least once a month!

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