Lockdown photo fun: Part one

With not being able to get out and photography weddings and other events due to the lockdown in the UK because of the Coronavirus pandemic, I’ve taken to putting things in and around the house in front of my lens.

In the first few weeks of the lockdown, I was busy working with clients who needed to move their wedding dates and supporting other suppliers then naturally, I guess, my motivation died. Initially I had high hopes I’d put my head down and plough through my to do list but too much news watching and worry put paid to those lofty plans. It’s been strange but also hard not being able to see family and friends, but thank God for video calling, eh?

It’s not often I pick up my camera these days for myself and to just play. But, after a few days of no motivation, I decided it was time to ditch the endless news cycle and do something different. I’ve been wanting to practise food photography for ages so after making a batch of peanut butter energy bite, I decided to play with my food for a bit. I shared some of the photos in my Instagram stories then decided to use Instagram to keep me accountable and motivated. I asked people to vote on what I should try next. The feedback was great and helpful and also meant I tried something new every day.

I got lost in my photography. It’s a bit like meditation at times. I’m so focussed on what I’m doing, everything else falls away. It stopped the endless news watching and being sucked into the uncertainty of this new normal and physical distancing. I’m not a fan of the phrase social distancing. If there was a time we needed to be more socially connected regardless of the form, now is the time.

Anyhoo, I wanted to share a few of the photos.

Food photography

Bowl of peanut butter energy bites

Aerial view of chocolate peanut butter energy bites

These chocolate peanut butter energy bites are so moreish and perfect for satisfying a sugar craving. Here’s the recipe if you need a quick sweet fix.

Coloured gels

I use Magmod modifiers for my flashes when I’m shooting and Trevor Daley has been running a few free workshops for photographers on the Magmod Facebook page. I’ve been wanting to use coloured gels for a while for more than just correcting white balance, so this workshop was the perfect time to start. Gels can be used to colour light, to set the mood, for example. Films and TV programmes do this pretty well. Think Blade Runner.

Elsa is my model head friend. She does mean and moody very well.

Model head light up with coloured gels

VW Beetle toy car

In light of the current situation, this one came out with an end of days vibes but I like it.

Toy VW Beetle with moody lighting


Thanks again to Trevor for the tutorial on capturing motion in a creative way I’d not tried before. I didn’t have a model - Alex was working and Elsa wasn’t in the mood, so did something I don’t normally, and went in front of the camera. It was frustrating at times having to run back and forth to look at the back of the camera but I did to get a few shots I was happy with. Loved the experimentation and plan to bring this technique to the dancefloor at my next wedding!

Self portrait in slow motion

Slow motion self portrait

These next couple I loved though it was messy. Seriously, what’s not to love about dropping something in a glass of water and seeing what splash shapes you get?! May do it outside next time though and save on the cleaning up!

Glass and water after lime dropped in

Lime dropped into glass of water

Oil and water

Who knew a little water and oil and an iPad could be so satisfying?!

Oil and water photo with orange and green background

Oil and water photo with red and yellow background

Oil and water photo with yellow and blue background

I also got a gorgeous pair of earrings from my friend Kath all the way from Australia so of course they had to be photographed. If you’re looking for unique handmade jewellery, you can see more desings and pieces on Kath’s Instagram page.

Cwpan earrings

I’ve definitely been feeling so much more energised this past week cutting down on news and spending more time with my camera. Hadn’t realised how much I’d neglected my personal photography and challenging myself to see things from different perspectives but that will to change once we’re out of lockdown.

Until then, I’ll be back next week with some more around the house photo fun.

Stay safe and stay home.