Your guide to wedding photography pricing

Wedding photography can capture all the pretty of a wedding day, including the moments and emotions that make up the day. It’s also one of the few tangible items left after a wedding day. 

Before we talk about what wedding photography should cost, let me ask you a question: What do you want from your wedding photos?

The best place to start is with…

The average cost of wedding photography in the UK

The average amount spent by couples on wedding photography in the UK in 2019, according to reports by Bride Book and Your Perfect Wedding Photographer, was between £1250 and £1600. This works out to roughly 8 hours of wedding photography coverage and an online gallery for sharing with friends and family.

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Wedding photography pricing varies by region

When looking at potential wedding photographers, their location will be a factor in their cost. A London wedding photographer will most likely cost more than a Manchester-based wedding photographer because the cost of living in London is higher. 

Don’t remove a photographer from your shortlist because they live in a different location from where your wedding, especially if you love their work. Your photographer doesn’t need to live near your venue. If travel is required, find out if their prices include travel and accommodation. I’m all about simplicity, so my wedding photography prices include travel costs.

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How much of your wedding budget should wedding photography be?

Before you ever get started down the route of planning your wedding, you need to create a wedding budget. It will help you make important decisions based on facts rather than feelings. Most couples tend to allocate roughly between 10 and 15% of their wedding budget to photography.

It’s OK if photography isn’t a priority and another aspect of your day is. Adjust your budget to match your priorities.

Why is wedding photography expensive?

Photographers invest a considerable amount of time and money in training and equipment to ensure they are offering a great experience to their clients. Wedding photographers who charge over the average can do so as the quality of their work reflects their value. They may also offer a premium, luxury service as well as packages that contain lots of extras including albums, additional photographers, etc.

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How to budget for wedding photography

I asked you earlier - what do you want from your wedding photography?

Knowing your answer to this question is key to your photographer search. When researching a wedding photographer, you should look out for the following:

  • A portfolio of consistent work that you love
  • A method to understand your wedding and what you desire from your wedding photos
  • Insurance for public liability and professional indemnity 
  • Professional photography equipment with backup in case of failure
  • Transparent pricing so you know what you will get for your money. How many hours will they be at your wedding? Can you download the digital files? Will you get a memory stick with the files?

The real cost of wedding photography

Wedding photography can be subjective because it comes down to your priority and the emotional value you place on it. Wedding photography is a luxury as are most elements of a wedding day. If you think about it, to marry in the UK, you only need yourself, two witnesses and an officiant to conduct the ceremony.

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Choose a wedding photographer you love

Think about what you want from your wedding photographer. Do you want someone who will take all the expected wedding photos? Or, do you want someone who will capture the moments you didn’t know were happening - the tears, the hugs and laughter of your favourite people and the dance floor in full the Electric Slide mode?

When choosing your wedding photographer, be sure of your decision but don’t focus on cost alone. It’s important to hire a wedding photographer whose style you like, who you trust to capture your wedding the way you envision. The memories they will capture will make your wedding day last a lifetime.

Now you know how much a wedding photographer could cost, download a free guide that will walk you through the steps to choose your perfect wedding photographer.

Find out more about how I photograph weddings and what’s included in my packages.