10 things couples should be prepared for

Wedding planning can be a huge amount of fun! However, it can quickly become stressful when you’re not sure what to expect.

As a wedding photographer, I’ve been around many couples at many different stages of their wedding planning, so I’d like to think I’ve picked up a few good tips from them over the years. I was also an events planning for over a decade, so know how to plan a party too!

I’d like to pass these tips on to you. May they help you feel more human and less overwhelmed!

1. You will talk about weddings. A lot.

Keep calm and confetti on bag of confetti

Somehow, not every couple realises just how much they will talk about their wedding. Granted, as soon as you announce your engagement everyone is dying to know all the details, but even your best friend’s eyes will glaze over while discussing the benefits of a buffet over a sit-down meal.

You’re excited, so it’s understandable, but remember to change the subject every now and then, before your friends stop answering their phones completely.

2. Stick to your budget…and buy early

Wedding bouquets on table

Spreadsheets are your new best friend! Add every little item to it, no matter how small. If it’s for the wedding, keep track of it and give yourselves plenty of time to pay your suppliers. For example, making purchases for a wedding due in 18 months versus in 9 months time will give you a longer repayment window, and will hopefully reduce your stress in the build up to your wedding.

3. You will not always agree

Bride and Groom Holding Hands

As a couple, you may be an absolute match made in heaven, but it is very unlikely you’ll agree on everything. Whether it’s the venue, the catering or the guest list, you will have the odd word to say here and there. Don’t forget, marriage is all about compromise, so think of this as an ideal opportunity for a rehearsal. Dancing to Bohemian Rhapsody is totally worth the double-chocolate soufflé dessert, right?!

4. Everyone has an opinion

Wedding Photo Booth Props on Bush

A friend of a friend has been to your dream honeymoon destination and wasn’t that impressed. My advice? Nod along politely and then do exactly what you want! You’ll also find that you won’t need to ask many people for their opinions, as many will give them for free!

However, if you aren’t too sure about something, speak to an expert. Specialists in their field will be able to suggest ideas that you otherwise might not think of until it’s too late! For example, individual shots with each member of your bridal party. It’s a great way to capture your relationship as well as personalities.

5. Don’t compare your wedding to others

Bride With Photo Booth Props

Maybe a friend has already sorted out their venue, catering, photographer and band as well as organised their wedding day timeline, yet their wedding is 4 months after yours? Don’t let their organisational-wizardry freak you out. Wedding planning shouldn’t feel like a competitive sport or a race to the finish line, you should make the most of it. Plus, if they’re rushing, they may well have forgotten something!

6. You will cry over nothing

Bride and groom butterfly stencils on wine glasses

Is your flower girl refusing to wear pink? ­Who can blame her. I did! ;) It’s often hard to see the wood for the trees when you’re planning your wedding and with so much thought, time and effort being put into this one day, bursting into tears is inevitable. Take regular breaks from wedding planning and remember that when the actual day comes, all you’ll really want to do is marry your best friend.

7. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness

Groomsmen putting wedding ribbon on car Delegate. Delegate. Delegate! No matter how organised you are, you will need some help. There are lots of friends and family who will want to help. It might come in handy to be mindful of people who do not have big roles on the day and try to involve them in other ways. Remember to keep each other informed of everything too.

If you’re going to do it yourself and not hiring a wedding planner, have a wedding folder and write down who is doing what, so you stay organised and have evidence if someone else forgets which job is theirs!

8. Don’t be fooled by Pinterest

Bride and groom hugging in park

Pinterest is amazing for inspiration. Every photo looks like it comes from an actual catalogue of dreams. As a Pinterest addict myself, I understand how easy it is to develop a full-on obsession when planning every detail.

However, we live in a world of budgets. Pick a few bits you like and recreate them as best you can, but don’t worry if you can’t recreate the impossible.

9. Choose your dream team wisely

Flower girl helping bride put her make up on

Which friends can you rely on to cheer you up? Which one can talk you off of the ledge? Weddings are stressful enough without losing friends along the way. With the right mix of friends around you, the little things aren’t nearly as troublesome.

10. It is about the two of you

Bride and groom sharing their first kiss

The most important thing is that you both say your vows. Enjoy the process and be sure to listen to each other during that beautiful moment. This whole day is about you both and you should be celebrating your beautiful union. Remember to love the journey, as much as you love each other.

Take care,