About Carla

Carla Thomas

Hello you! My name is Carla

I’m cake obsessed and will randomly blurt out song lyrics related to what you’ve just said. I’m also a photographer who is passionate about love for all.

I’ve always been a people watcher, inventing stories for the strangers that pass me by. So, being a wedding photographer who now gets to know the backstories of the people she’s photographing? That’s pretty cool!

I take time to know the amazing humans I get to work with to find out more about their story. Doing this results in natural photographs of the couple who feel free to be themselves and relax in front of me and my camera.

My background in events means I’m equally comfortable with both small, intimate days as well as the large all out parties. Meaning my ninja skilled are honed to perfection so even if your day is only for the two of you, I won’t be that awkward third wheel!

It also means I’m always looking for the next moment to capture before it happens. I’ll make sure your Gran has a seat if I see her struggling to find one. I’ll capture your little neice trying to look like an adult sipping on an orange juice in a wine glass.

My photography style

I’m all about capturing people as natural as possible to tell a story, your story, in either a single or a series of photos.

I want you to look back on your photographs years later and still laugh and share the story about how Aunty Jane almost took breakdancing to a new level on the dancefloor. I want you to still get misty-eyed when you look at the photographs of the two of you exchanging your vows. To feel like you’re right there, at that pinnacle moment, full of love and joy and surrounded by all of your family and friends that came to witness the two of you saying your ‘I do’s’.

All that just from looking at your photographs? HELL YES.

Because your wedding is more than a dress, a cake, pretty details and gorgeous flowers. All of those things are part of it, sure. But it goes way deeper than that. It goes Barry White deep. It’s not just the grand gestures, although they absolutely are important. But I’m a big fan of capturing those teeny, tiny moments too. Because it’s all about “the lurve” and that, ultimately, is what I am always looking to capture in all your wedding photos, as authentically and beautifully as I can.

“Carla is everything you’d want from a wedding photographer; Professional, yet fun and engaging with guests, is super organised and was able to get the most shy guest to smile. Leading up to the wedding Carla spent time getting to find out more about what we wanted - our likes, dislikes etc., which made us feel that this was very much my wedding and she wanted to make it as personal as possible. The result? The photos were just what we wanted.” Lisa and Mark - Homewood Hotel, Bath

And There’s More…

While you’re planning and on your day, I’ll share lots of tips and helpful hint to banish your wedding planning overwhelm. So you get more time to enjoy being engaged and this period of your lives.

From the day you book me to beyond the point I deliver your photos, my aim is to make sure you don’t feel like just another client. I love chatting to my clients before their weddings to get to know their personalities more so I can bring them out naturally in their photos.

Just think of me as part of your wedding party. Just without the heels and the fancy dress!

Think I could be the one?

Let me tell your story

“I have nothing but praise and I’ve tried to use other words aside from amazing and high quality but it is difficult not to. Thank you for making our day complete. You truly are talented.”

– Karen and Ken
Bride and groom showered in confetti