3 tips to help you rock your engagement shoot

Most of us haven't had a professional photo taken since school and unless this is just my teenage self coming back to haunt me, it wasn't the most exciting or comfortable experience. It's therefore only natural to be a tiny bit anxious as you edge to your wedding day, and hoping your photographer doesn't insist on putting everyone in height order before taking the group shots.

6 easy ways to look good in photos at wedding, even when you're not the bride

I don't think there is a wedding photographer around who couldn't retire happy if they got a pound every time they get told by someone they don't like having their photo taken.

Over the past 10 or so years, I’ve worked with a number of brides, grooms and wedding guests who hate being in front of the camera. I once had to coax a guest at a wedding to appear in just one photo as the bride and groom really wanted them in it. As someone who can sense a camera heading their way at a 1000 paces and go into stealth mode, I completely understand.

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B&W of couple kissing with sun flare

Wedding Wednesday: Cake Toppers

Following on from the cake trends I shared recently, take a look at these cake toppers shared by Want That Wedding.

The elephants are my favourite, but there are some fab ideas out there. Are you having cake toppers on your wedding cake? What are you going for?


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