SWPP Convention 2012

The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) Convention is now over for another year and again I wish it was longer. The convention is a great place for hundreds of photographers to come together to be inspired and to catch up with friends old and new.

I am ShutterRock. Are You?

There is currently a buzz amongst photographers in the UK, and the buzz is ShutterRock. ShutterRock is the brainchild of Jaz Ampaw-Farr, an extremely talented wedding and lifestyle photographer based near Milton Keynes.

ShutterRock is also a photography festival run by photographers for photographers. Or in Layman's terms - ShutterRock...Glastonbury without the mud!

How Much Information Can One Brain Handle?!

Had a late start today so had a quick whizz around the trade show to look at some of the information available before heading to my first class of the day with Susan Renée.

Susan won a competition 3 years ago and literally hasn’t stopped since. Her class today was to talk about her story, to motivate us that if she could do it, we all could do it.

Information overload!

What a day. I feel I have learnt more in the past 12 hours than I have done in the last few years. Started off the day at 8am with Andrea Barrett who was presenting a class called Foundation of Weddings with Mark Jordan.

Andrea advised that you need to make sure your shots are controlled and composed. The last thing you want is for the official wedding photographs to look like snaps that one of the guests took.

So much choice, so little time

I have spent the best part of 2 weeks trying to work out what master classes I should attend at SWPP from tomorrow. There are so many interesting classes and just no chance to see them all.

So I've decided to be methodical. I am interested in seeing how some of the professional photographers I admire plan and shoot weddings, so they are top of the list. I also need some business know-how, so I have also added a few of those classes, as well as some post-processing classes.

Let's talk