Working With Children Can Be Fun!

I take my hat off to any parent of twins!

Today I had my first portrait session with children. Most people would probably ease themselves into it, but I decided to jump in with both feet and start with very active twin boys.

P and Z have just turned one, so they are full of the wonder of the world, and love putting everything and anything in their mouths, regardless of the taste.

It was interesting to see their personalities shine through as they got used to me and my camera, though a bit of a role reversal was in place today. Whereas P usually hams it up for the camera, and Z is the quiet thinker, today, P was not prepared to give his smiles easily while Z showed me all his best model moves.However, with Mummy bowing on the trumpet, the smiles did not stay away for too long.

I spent just over two hours with them, and though for the most part they were on their best behaviour, I was exhausted. Though I did especially enjoy their “divide and conquer” antics, and hope both they and Daddy have something special planned for Mummy on Mother’s Day as she deserves it!



They are so very cute : ) What sweet little boys. I know they were on the go, go, GO!

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