Swanning Around....

I love swans. They, along with elephants are two of my favourite animals in the whole world. Both animals to me are extremely graceful and a joy to watch. The good thing of where I live is that I get to see swans every morning from our living room window as about 40 of them live in the dock. The number changes every few days. How do I know this? I have an unhealthy obsession of counting the swans nearly every day, that has my boyfriend a little worried. The bad thing about where I live? No elephants!

As much as I love swans the last thing I want to do is see them outside our bedroom window at 7.30am. The bedroom, unlike the living room, over looks the car park.

It would appear this swan was flying around, saw the water, but landed too early, and couldn't work out how to get back to the water. So he was walking around the car park, trying to work out which way to go. This is when I noticed a cat trying to creep up on him, like all his breakfasts had come at once.

After quickly making myself decent, we went to see if we could try and corral him back to the docks. He didn't appreciate this and started hissing at us. Plan B - call The Swan Sanctuary. They put me in touch with their local rescue team who would come and help take Stewie - I had to call him something - back to the docks.

As we had 30 minutes of quality time together, Stewie became my model of the day. While he did not for the most part look happy to be photographed, I'm sure he was glad for the company, as he did not seem to mind me getting up close to take his picture.

Within 10 seconds of Lawrence, from the swan rescue team, arriving, Stewie was under his arm for the 5 minute walk back to the docks. Though he didn't say thank you when Lawrence put him back in the water, I am sure Stewie was happy to be away from all the cars and one very hungry cat!

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