Pinterestingly, I'm hooked...

Have you heard about Pinterest? My boyfriend told me about it a few months ago, when I was thinking about my new website design - not long to go I promise - and I've been hooked ever since.

Pinterest is a website that lets you pin all the things you find on the Internet that interest you, in one place. If you think about it, how many pages from magazines do you have stored away of things that caught your eye, that you would one day stick in a scrap book? Well, let Pinterest be your own virtual scrapbook.

Why is Pinterest better than a scrapbook? As the name suggests, you ‘pin' anything that interests you to a board. When you join, you are given 5 template boards that you can either use and build on or delete and create your own. I initially joined to try and create a mood board for my website and for inspiration for my photography. It helped me focus so much on the things I liked and wanted to incorporate into my site, and made my web designer, a very happy man!

After accepting my invitation to join Pinterest, I started scrolling through the Everything feed, pinning as I went. This is definitely a good place to start, to see what other people are pinning, getting inspiration along the way. It is also a good way to get a feel for what Pinterest is about. I spent a good few hours my first time on the site discovering everything from phrases to live by and new places to travel. Anyone who knows me, knows I don't really need too much encouragement to book a plane ticket, so it has been great finding more places that interest me.

Here is a snapshot of some of my boards...

Pinterest boards

Pinterest is a social media site, and as such you can follow other people's boards as well as repin, like or comment or their pins. When you pin an image, it usually links back to the original source, so if you find something on someone else's board, you could end up exploring worlds you never knew existed, and that is part of the fun. As well as repining from other people's boards, you can pin from websites too.

Pinterest can be great for so many different people...

  • Brides-to-be: Use it to find inspiration for your wedding from colour schemes, dress ideas and decoration/detail ideas.
  • Photographers: Find images that inspire you and new poses to try to get your creativity flowing.
  • Doing a spot of DIY or large-scale remodelling?: you can get so many more ideas and inspiration that you may not necessarily find on Homebase's website.
  • “What do you want for your birthday/Christmas?”: Ah, a question that stumps me every year without fail. Throughout the year I always see things I want, come my birthday or Christmas, my mind is blank. Hmmm, maybe I should create a “My present wishlist” board soon....

This is of course, a very short list, and doesn't even scratch the surface of all the different types of people who could and do use Pinterest.

So do you have an interest to pin? If so, please leave me a comment below as you have to be invited by a current member, or alternatively, you can go onto the Pinterest website and request an invite.

Hope to see you on there soon.

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