New Year, New Goals

Wow! First week of 2012 done already. How has it been treating you so far? One thing I love about beginning a new year is the chance to start again with a clean slate and lots of enthusiasm. This of course usually means lots of resolutions are made. So...how are your resolutions going? Still strong, I hope.

I made a few resolutions or goals for myself this year, a mixture of personal and professional ones, and am happy to report the first week has not been too bad! Like a majority of people, I made a health and fitness goal, and have kept to my running plan even making it out in the howling wind and wind the other morning. Long may this determination last!

Anyone else out there thinking of starting running for the first time? There are a number of training plans out there, but the one below seems to suit me the best. I found it via Pinterest and have followed this in spurts in the past, but plan to follow it all the way to week 9. As someone who would rather play netball, running has always been a bit of a challenge for me. Well the asthma and my heart condition haven’t helped but as my friends and family will tell you, I’m too stubborn to let those ‘little things’ slow me down!

Couch to 5k training plan

Living with a keen runner, I’m giving it another try as it would be nice to do some runs together. Short ones mind you, but some. Alex runs half marathons for fun and has signed up to run his first marathon during the Edinburgh Marathon Festival in May. I’ve also signed up for a race during the festival. A 5k mind, but I’m planning on running the whole thing. A challenge I set myself last September while high on endorphins following running most of the Adidas Challenge in Hyde Park.

The iPod has been updated with some new running music, but I am always on the lookout for more. So if you have any suggestions, please send them my way via the comment box below.

I am starting a new photography project this year that I know will challenge me creatively. More on that to follow as I am currently working out the finer details.

On the Sunday 22nd January, I will be exhibiting at The Alternative Wedding Fair. The fair is aimed at bride and grooms who want weddings that reflect their personal style and sense of fun. Want to make your wedding memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved, then this is the fair for you. The fair runs from 11am to 4pm, costs £5 if you buy your tickets in advance and is beind held at the Piccadilly Institute. Pop by and say hello. It would be great to see you.

Good luck with your goals for the year. Here’s to us all having a very happy 2012.


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