Monday musings: There is no fun in perfection

quote by Anne Wilson Schaef - perfectionism is self abuse of the highest order

It’s a new week and I’m beginning to feel slightly more in control of this year. I know, it’s nearly June, but sometimes, life and time just run away with you, don’t they?

Back in December, I made a plan for each quarter in 2019. I love plans and to do lists and checklists even more, but there was something very wrong with my plan. I didn’t believe it. I didn’t believe I could achieve my goals. How can you make a plan if you don’t think you can achieve it while making it? While I know there is no such thing, my brain appears to be a strong believer in perfection. The problem with perfection is you focus and put all your energy into something and don’t want to stop until it either embodies perfection or on the flip side, not start something in case it doesn’t tick all the boxes. So half-written blog posts stay that, photoshoots don’t get organised and basically nothing gets done.

January started well and I was ticking things off left, right and centre, but then repeatedly saying ‘Done is better than perfect’ stopped working for me. My brain had found a way to trick me into only focusing on the things that could be perfected. Such as my opt-in for website visitors, my blogging once a week. Then the dreaded comparison to others on the interwebs - does that ever have a happy ending? The problem with perfection is that it leads to self-doubt and insecurity about what you can and can’t achieve and whether it is worth it. It messes with your confidence and gives you nothing in return. In April I was gutted not to have achieved my goals for the first three months of 2019. But I didn’t really have much time to wallow in self-pity as April was a busy travel month both professionally and personally. So I pushed it all to one side and just got on with what I could do.

I’ve spent the past few weeks I’ve been working on my new website - it’s coming soon and I can’t wait to share it - and looking at some of my old blog posts has given me a new perceptive but also showed me how far I have come in the past few years. My photography has improved for a start! I need to update my work and share about what I’m doing outside of photography a bit more as I’m not a one-dimensional being. One of my issues has always been I don’t like to stand out as being different, so I’ve been lost in the big sea of photographers of a similar style and price bracket. I’m an eclectic mix of likes and tastes and like most people, I don’t easily sit in one box or another.

So I’m starting 2019 again goal-wise. They will be simpler and I will be sharing with you on my blog so you can keep me honest and accountable. But before then and as we begin another week, I want to remind you, as I remind myself, stop waiting for the perfect moment. The perfect moment is now. What have you been putting off until the 'right time' you could do today? x

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