Matt & Lauren's Winter Wedding at Hedingham Castle

Last December, I shot the beautiful winter wedding of Lauren and Matt at Hedingham Castle. They had both wanted a winter wedding and once they saw the picturesque and dramatic setting of Hedingham, their minds were set.

Lauren's dress was stunning and unlike any I have seen. "I actually changed the design two weeks before the wedding! I never actually felt it was 'the one' until the morning of the wedding." Lauren said, "The strapless gown was by designer Annasul Y and then I found matching French Lace to have the coat made. I had been recommended a tailor, Joe Allen of Islington, and he really was amazing and made me the simple dress I had wanted. My shoes were by Valentino and I wore antique drop earrings"

When I asked Lauren what her favourite part of the wedding was, she said: "Walking down to Matt at the end of the aisle and him taking my hand." Matt's was definitely getting the speeches over!

One of my favourite moments of their wedding was their guests singing 'It Must Be Love' by Madness at the end of the service.

Hard to believe this gorgeous couple don't like being in front of the camera, but they have some advice for other couples who are also not a fan of being the main attraction: "Relax and forget the camera is there! It is the happiest day of your lives so just enjoy the day and the photos will show that."

Matt and Lauren were an absolute pleasure to work with and I wish them many wonderful years to come.


Wedding shoes and boquet

Bridesmaids helping bride get dressed

Bride's friend reacting to bride in her dress

Bride's mum sees daughter in her dress for the first time

Bride's father's reaction to seeing his daughter in her wedding dress

Images of the groom and groomens before the ceremony

Bride and bridesmaids walking to the Keep at Hedingham Castle

Bride and father arrive at the altar to meet the groom

Couple exchanging rings

Couple exchanging rings

Hedingham Castle wedding Ceremony

Portrait of couple after wedding in Keep of Hedingham Castle

Confetti shot on bridge at Hedingham Castle

Reception details of wedding at Hedingham Castle

Best men speeh

Wedding guest react to wedding speeches at Hedingham Castle

Couple cutting their naked wedding cake

Couples first dance at Hedingham Castle

Hedingham Castle at night

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