Boudoir Photography

I have been toying with the idea of including Boudoir sessions as one of the services I offer, so when The London Photographic Meetup Group, one of the Meetup groups I belong to, organised a boudoir shoot, I jumped at the chance to take part and learn more about the genre.

Boudoir Photography

Historically, the boudoir was a lady's private bedroom or dressing room. The word drives from the French ‘Bouder' meaning ‘to pout‘. In photography, boudoir style photographs are often images of women either partly clothed or in lingerie.

Boudoir Photography

Women usually want this style of photography session for an number of reasons. Bridal boudoir sessions have become particularly popular and is a great way for brides to give their future husbands something special to remember their wedding day.

Gok Wan has helped many a woman, regardless of her age, size and shape, feel better about her body by using this style of photography on How to Look Good Naked. So while brides-to-be lead the way on boudoir, more and more women are deciding to have boudoir sessions to celebrate their bodies, whether it be to highlight weight loss, pre- and post- maternity or just because they can.

Saturday's session was a fantastic opportunity for me to practice this style of photography, and I loved it. In fact, I enjoyed the session so much, I have decided I will be adding boudoir to my list of services, though I will be calling it, Ooh La La. Can you say Ooh La La without a pout suddenly appearing on your lips, and striking a posing? No? Neither can I! And doesn't it feel good?! I want every woman who has a boudoir session with me to feel very special and extremely sexy, but most of all, I want her to relax and have fun. Each Ooh La La session will include a stylist and make-up artist, who will work her magic to make this a truly relaxing and pampering experience.

If you are interested in booking your own Ooh La La moment, then let's talk soon.


Loved reading you blog and the images are great, i recently shoot my first boudoir shoot and since then the response has been immense, even to the point of booking to large group boudoir sessions, think there planning a Ann Summers party before then the Boudoir shoot after, got loads of Army wives looking for images to send to their partners in Afghanistan! Anyway, great blog!! Regards Rob

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